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Mark H Flener Attorney at Law, is a trusted bankruptcy law firm that has helped hundreds of people fight off debt collectors and get their finances back on track.

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Personal Debt Solutions Since 1979

Many families throughout Bowling Green, Kentucky, are struggling with overwhelming debt. If you are in this situation, contact Mark H Flener Attorney at Law. As a bankruptcy firm, we have been helping people obtain financial protection since 1979. No matter how large your debts are, we will help you get a fresh start.

Personal Bankruptcy And You

Our firm has extensive experience in both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. These are both forms of personal bankruptcy that can provide significant debt relief, but they each work differently. We respect your unique circumstances and will never try to force an inappropriate debt relief solution on you. Instead, we will help you determine which form of bankruptcy is right for you and work with you throughout the process.

Family farmers and professional fishermen may qualify for Chapter 12 bankruptcy to repay their debts. Contact us for more information.

Shield Your Business With Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

You have worked hard to establish your small business, so don't risk losing it to debt. We can help you reorganize your debt and save your business with Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Questions About Bankruptcy? We Have The Answers You're Looking For.

People not familiar with bankruptcy often have many questions. Common concerns include:

  • Will I get to keep my house?
  • What kinds of debts can be reduced or eliminated in bankruptcy?
  • Will I ever qualify for a loan again?

Our clients' comfort is one of our top priorities. Thanks to our decades of experience, you will get honest, accurate answers so you know exactly what to expect.

Get Started On Getting Out Of Debt. Call Us Today.

Taking charge of your finances may seem like an overwhelming task, but it all starts with a simple phone call with our bankruptcy lawyer. Contact our Bowling Green office at 270-495-0889, or email us using our Contact page's intake form.